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3 Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door


Cold weather is here! While winters in the Panhandle may not be as frigid as other parts of the country, the colder temps can still affect your garage doors. Problems may vary from issues with the door opening and shutting, to heat loss from ground freeze. Here, we take a look at how colder temperatures affect your garage doors and what you can do to prevent these problems.

Warping issues

Garage doors are typically made of mostly steel. When steel gets cold, it is likely that it will contract. Any other components that are made of metal can also seize up and warp the shape.

To prepare for this, lubricate the springs, hinges, rollers, and any other metal moving parts on your garage door. Remember, regular maintenance is also key to keeping a functional door, no matter the weather.

A frozen door

Another problem that can occur is water freezing at the bottom of your garage door. The water may even freeze it shut, which can be a problem if you’re in a rush out the door Monday morning.

To quickly fix this issue, dump hot water along the base of the garage door. Once the ice is melted use the release cord to manually open your garage door. A great way to prevent water from freezing is checking your gutters for any clog issues. You can also water away from the foot of your garage if possible.

Garage door operator/ppener issues

Garage door operators are also prone to having issues with colder weather. The sudden change in temperature makes the motor work harder. It’s important to make sure that every part is properly lubricated. However, don’t apply too much or the parts can become gunky in the winter. Check your remote batteries before you start taking a look at the whole garage operator mechanism. Another tip is to make sure the sensors are clear and that no snow or condensation isn’t fogging the lenses.

Work with the garage door experts

The best way to ensure that none of these issues affect you is to inspect your garage doors regularly. You’ll be able to catch a lot of problems before they happen if you’re keeping up with the condition of the equipment.

While colder temperatures may cause these issues to arise, some problems require more than a DIY fix. Integrity Overhead Door has you covered if you need garage door Repairs or Replacements. Give us a call at 806-418-5237. We help you pick the perfect doors to suit your needs and ensure that your garage runs smoothly, no matter the weather.