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Garage Door Safety Tips


Out of everything in your home, the garage door is the largest, and heaviest moving object. Getting regular maintenance done on your garage door, and following these safety tips will save you from any accidents or injuries that the door can cause.

Check The Safety Sensors 

When you close your garage door, the sensors will shift it into reverse if there is something under it. This will make the door open back up. If your pet, car, or child is under the door, the sensors will send it back up so it doesn’t close on anything.

The easiest way to test your garage door is to push the control button to close it. When the door starts closing, place something in front of one of the sensors, like a broom, or roll of paper towels. If your door reverses and opens all the way up, your sensors work. If the door continues closing, you should call a garage door company to come do an inspection, and make any repairs or adjustments that are needed.

Keep Children Away

Garage doors can be dangerous, and children should not mess with them. Not all doors have pinch protection, so it’s important to teach children to keep their hands away from the panels of the door when it’s closing. A lot of children like to ride the garage door by holding onto the handle when it opens, which is very dangerous and could result in your garage door breaking. These doors are expensive, so it’s important to let your children know it’s not a toy.

You should also keep your garage door opener away from your children, because you don’t want them to drain the batteries, break it, or lose it and have it end up in someone else’s hands.

Keep Opener Passwords Secret

When you set the password for your garage door, don’t share it with anyone. Some garage door companies allow you to set a one-time or user-specific password. If you need the neighbor to bring in a package, or if you have visitors, they can still get in without you giving them your actual garage door password.

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