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How Garage Doors Affect the Value of a Home


When it comes to updating their homes to sell, many homeowners make fixes that increase their home’s market value with landscaping, paint, windows, and interior updates.

However, what often gets overlooked are the garage doors and just how much it affects the home’s curb appeal.

In some cases, garages may make up ¼ to ⅓ of what potential buyers see when they look at a house. Garages are one of the biggest elements of an exterior of a home.

This blog article will highlight why garage doors are important to the overall value of your home and how to fix those issues.

While other projects to beautify a home before resale comes to mind, garage door replacements should also be prioritized high. Not only will it enhance curb appeal, but will be considered the best return on investment at resale.

Over 70% of realtors agree that a new garage door helps sell a home faster, and 80% of realtors believe a new garage door can impact home value.

Potential homebuyers expect garage doors to not only be functional but to fit their aesthetic too. We’ll take a closer look at 4 ways garage doors influence your home’s value.

Curb Appeal

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want a beautiful home? Garage doors make up a huge part of what buyers see from the street. When you spend money on a new paint job and windows and neglect the garage door, it creates a disconnect stylistically and can become an eyesore.

Energy Savings

It is likely that if a garage door is more than 10 years old, heat and air are escaping outside. That’s money wasted on your monthly energy bill. It’s key to get that fixed with a new, insulated, energy-efficient door.

Now more than ever, potential home buyers are looking for ways to save energy. Having a new insulated garage will add more value to your home.


Old garage doors are susceptible to crime since they usually don’t close tightly or may have cracked wooden panels. The value of your home with these security issues will more than likely take a huge hit.

A replacement is highly recommended to ensure the garage door can close as tightly as possible and that there are no weak spots for burglars to sneak in through.


Nothing is worse than getting home, opening the garage and it gets stuck halfway through. Old garage doors are likely to open slower, closing incompletely, and breaking down while in motion.

Garage doors now are not only more energy-efficient but open quickly and quietly. What good is a garage door if it is not easily and conveniently accessible?

Garage Door Services in Amarillo

In conclusion, these four reasons give a better insight into how the value of your home is impacted by your garage door. Regardless of the time and effort that was put into interior fixes and decor, we learn that the bottom line will value will be affected without these fixes.

Garage doors are easily fixable, so don’t let it drag your home’s value down. Give the pros at Integrity Overhead Door a call today to discuss what type of door would work best for your home. A better looking, more accessible, safer, and energy-efficient garage door is just a call away.

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