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How To Prevent Garage Break-Ins

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When people try to break into houses, they usually go for the front or back doors first. If these aren’t accessible, the garage is the next option. Even if the garage doesn’t lead into the house, you more than likely have something of value in your garage that thieves could run off with. If your garage does have a door into your house, it’s even more dangerous if someone breaks in. To prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones, here are some useful tips on how to prevent garage break-ins.

Security Film

If your garage door has windows, consider getting tinted security film put on them. This will make everything in your garage safer, because no one will be able to see what you have inside. This film will make your windows harder to break as well.

Not being able to see if there’s anything valuable in your garage might stop someone from breaking in. Of course it’s still possible, but it wouldn’t hurt to take this extra step to prevent it from happening.

Garage Door Code And Remote

Today, garage doors that use keypads or remotes for entry are more common than not. If your garage door has a keypad, only those in your household should know the passcode. If someone is house sitting or coming to drop something off and they need the passcode to enter, make sure to change the password once you get back. Don’t trust anyone with your code because you never know who could end up with it. Consider changing your passcode every six months just to be safe.

If you have a remote to open your garage, take it inside with you when you are home. Most people leave it in their car, and that’s the first place thieves will look. If your car is sitting in your driveway, it’s safest to take the opener inside with you.

Security System

The best way to keep thieves out of your garage is to install a security system. Having motion sensors that turn on lights or even an alarm will scare anyone that is trying to break into your garage or house. Installing a camera is a good idea as well. If anyone ends up breaking in and taking something, at least you will have video footage.


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