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If Your Garage Leaks Like A Sieve, Here’s How To Stop It

Lifespan of a garage door

Your garage is one of the weaknesses in defense of your home. If you see rat droppings in your garage or your house is losing heated and cooled air too quickly, a common culprit is the door. Garage doors are the largest entry point into your home. While they do (or should) come with weatherstripping and sealant, these seals break down over time. As they do, it is easier for pests, dirt, dust, water, and wind to get into your garage and then your home.

Threshold seal

A threshold seal is installed on the floor in the space between the garage door and the outside. The door settles on the seal when it closes, blocking the area from outdoor elements. Seals can be used in conjunction with (or in place of) weatherstripping on the garage door. They are often used to seal cracks in the concrete or to keep out water. However, the threshold seal works both ways: it keeps water out and traps water inside. So, if you like to hose out your garage, you may not want to install a threshold seal.

Garage door bottom seal

Bottom seals are installed on the bottom edge of the door. They close off the garage from the outside when the door is shut. The material is flexible and compresses when the door closes, sealing off openings using pressure. The bottom seal can be made of rubber or vinyl. It can also be used in conjunction with a threshold seal. You will know you need to replace the bottom seal when you can see sunlight under the garage door when it is closed.

Bottom seals come in two types depending on the type of door you have. They are usually a basic strip-style threshold with angled edges that close against the floor and front of the door on wood garage doors. A channel is carved out of the bottom of the door where the U-shaped rubber gasket is installed on metal garage doors. The gasket slides into small tracks for installation. The idea of the U-shaped gasket is that they come in several different sizes, which makes it easier to seal off gaps or cracked floors.

Garage doorstop weatherstripping

Doorstop weatherstripping is installed along the side and top of the door to prevent wind and rain from getting into the garage. The seal is installed on the doorstop molding close to the front face of the door. Doorstop weatherstripping can be purchased from any home improvement store and is sold in rolls. The weatherstripping can be cut into the needed size and installed with screws or nails. The flange of the weatherstripping should press against the door to make a tight seal.

Higher quality door stop weatherstripping is made of vinyl. Vinyl lasts longer than rubber and can be made to look like wood, so it blends with your door.

Door panel weatherstripping

V-shaped weatherstripping is installed between the panels on garage doors. This weatherstripping is useful on older, wooden doors that have flat panels. Newer garage doors, such as aluminum or fiberglass, usually have interlocking edges that stop air intrusion. Like doorstop weatherstripping, door panel weatherstripping is sold in rolls and cut to the needed size. The panel stripping is installed at the top or bottom of every panel so that when the door closes, it is compressed to create the seal.

Professional garage door maintenance in Amarillo, TX

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