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4 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

person using drill to insert screws on the bottom of a garage door

Keeping up with garage door maintenance is essential to ensuring your system operates without any major problems. This can help you prevent expensive repairs or having to replace your door prematurely. If you’re unsure where to start, consider these helpful tips!

1. Inspect All Parts of Your Garage Doors

The first step in overhead door maintenance is thoroughly examining the condition of all parts. Look at the inside and outside of the door, then check out the cables, garage door opener, and weather-stripping. Some essential mechanical areas to review include the following.


Springs experience general wear and tear over time and eventually need replacing. You can check the state of your tension springs and see if they’re in optimal shape. Keep in mind that these components can be dangerous. If you require any type of service for your springs, contact the professionals here at Integrity Overhead Door!


Your garage door openers rely on strong pulleys and cables, but those may fray or break. You should immediately address any stability concerns or breakages by working with one of our garage door technicians. They can safely handle any repairs or replacements.

Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

Tightening loose screws and bolts is an easy way to maintain your garage door. However, you shouldn’t attempt to loosen red ones, as these support the structural integrity of the system and could cause harm if you mess with them.

2. Lubricate Any Moving Parts

The many metal parts of your garage door and opener system are subject to rusting and wear. Lubricating them with a solution specific to garage doors can make your system last longer. It’s a simple task to complete a few times a year.

3. Change Out Your Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping is an essential piece of your garage door that protects your garage from extreme weather, wear, and incoming animals. It also helps you cut down on energy costs, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and prevent water damage. That said, your weather-stripping will wear down over time.

Replacing the weather-stripping can make a big impact. Once you remove the old, you can cut the new rubber to the appropriate size, then carefully install it around the door’s perimeter. It’s as easy as that!

4. Test Garage Door Safety and Effectiveness

Above all, you want to know that your garage door operates safely and effectively. A faulty or unsafe garage door could suddenly stop working or land on a person, pet, or belongings, causing serious injuries. Here are some essential features you need to test.


Auto-reverse features stop garage doors from closing if objects or people are in the way. You can place a piece of wood or box in the pathway of the sensor to see if it stops or collides. If it hits the obstacle, you should either adjust your sensor system or consult the team here at Integrity Overhead Door.


Test the balance of your garage door by first disconnecting your opener. Once you operate in manual mode, you can lift the door and release it at the halfway mark. If the door is unbalanced in any way, you can reach out to us to fix it.

Photo-Eye Sensors

Another key aspect of overhead door maintenance is checking the two photo-eye sensors that determine if something is in the door’s path. If your doors aren’t recognizing objects in the way, try cleaning dust and cobwebs off the sensors. If this doesn’t work, you may need our professionals to inspect them for you.

Garage Door Services in Amarillo, Texas

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