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A Guide On Garage Door Openers To Know Before You Buy


Residential garage doors are used, on average, about 1,500 times per year. The garage door opener, the mechanism that moves the door up and down, must be able to withstand this type of use. If this piece of equipment breaks down, you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Here is what you need to know when it comes time to replace your garage door opener.

There are different types of openers

The basic components of a garage door opener include a motor that moves a trolley, which raises and lowers the door. There are four main types of openers, which differ in the style of driving utility that they use.

Belt drive openers

On this type of system, a rubber belt moves the trolley. Because of the rubber moving over metal, there is less noise and the motions are smoother than on other openers. It also produces fewer vibrations, which can reduce the need for maintenance and repairs in other areas of the garage door system. This type of opener can be a good choice for any household.

Chain drive openers

A metal chain moves the trolley on this type of garage door opener. Because of the chains, this opener can be very noisy. However, chain drive openers are the most inexpensive, which makes them great for homeowners on a budget. If your garage is located against a bedroom or living room, you may consider other options.

Screw drive openers

On this type of garage door opener, a threaded steel rod moves the trolley. The system has fewer moving parts, so less maintenance is required. Screw drive openers are smoother and make less noise than chain drive openers. This is a great option for homes with attached garages.

Direct drive openers

With this type of garage door opener, the motor is what moves the trolley. It has the fewest moving parts so rarely needs maintenance. It is also a quiet system that will work for any household.

Features to look for in a garage door opener

If the type of opener isn’t a major factor in your decision, you can think about the features that come with these systems. Some of these are essential for proper operation, while others are optional for convenience.

  1. Remotes: These allow operators to access their garage from indoors and outdoors. Wall-mounted remotes can also be used, as well as those with codes for added security.
  2. Manual release option: If you do not want to open or close the garage door with one of the remotes, you can use this feature to disconnect the system. Doing so will let you move the door manually, which helps you open the door a few feet or all the way.
  3. Security lights: Many modern garage door systems come with lights to help aid in safety. These will turn on when the opener is activated and often turn off on their own after a time.
  4. Wi-fi integration: This is a relatively new feature that is available on most garage doors. It allows operators to use the opener from their smartphones. You can usually check on the status of your garage door with this feature too.
  5. Auto-close functionality: This feature lets you program a time for the opener to close the door. This can be helpful, for example, on hot days when you want your car and garage door to get some air before the door closes.
  6. Soft-activation motors: If you choose to have one of these motors installed, it will help your opener run more smoothly. This results in quieter motions as well as less maintenance.
  7. Back-up batteries: If you get a back-up battery, you won’t have to worry about your garage door opener stopping mid-way. If there is a storm or a power blackout, you can still use your garage door.
  8. LED lights: There are some remote control units that come with lights that will alert you when something is wrong with the garage door opener.
  9. Motion sensors: Getting motion sensors will help you protect your vehicles and family from emergencies. These will catch any movement that could be a person or vehicle and should stop the opener from operating.

Working with a professional garage door company

If you need a new garage door opener, it is best to hire a professional installation company. These systems are not simple to work on and professionals have the knowledge and equipment to get the job done faster and more safely. They will also be able to help you decide which opener is best for your needs.

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