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Are Broken Garage Door Springs Dangerous?

Garage door springs are necessary for your system to function. Like all equipment, garage doors and their components will wear down over time. When the springs break down, you should not continue to use your garage door. This can be dangerous and any repairs should be left to the professionals.

What do garage door springs do and how do they stop working?

The purpose of these parts in a garage door system is to move the door up and down smoothly. A well-functioning system with good springs will function for about seven to nine years before they begin to break down.

Fatigue is the main reason garage door springs fail. The constant stress from winding and unwinding will weaken them until they become dangerous to use. Corrosion and rust due to lack of maintenance can also cause these parts to break down. Some signs that your garage door springs are broken include the door coming down too fast, the cables breaking, and the door itself bending.

Why you should get regular garage door maintenance

Not taking care of your garage door springs can result in some serious issues. These parts serve a vital purpose in the way the whole system functions. Because the springs hold tension, when they wear down, they could break at random times when using the door. Also, if both break, the door will not work at all. Getting regular maintenance for this system can help you catch issues early before they become a safety hazard.

How broken garage door springs are dangerous

Older garage doors are somewhat more dangerous when it comes to replacing springs. They were not installed with safety cables like more modern systems, so when one snaps, it could shoot out at a high speed. It could cause property damage and even serious physical harm. This is why garage door spring replacement should be done by a professional.

Garage door safety tips to remember

When it comes to your garage door springs, there are some steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe.

  1. Always call an expert for maintenance and repairs. This will ensure that all work is done safely and effectively.
  2. Keep an eye on the cables. Make sure there is no fraying, excess wear, rust, or other issues.
  3. Grease up the springs. Squeaky springs will happen over time, but are only annoying. But, hearing a squeak can indicate that rust may form. Lubrication can help prevent this from happening.
  4. Keep safety cables in good shape. These will stop the springs from damaging anything if they snap. If your garage door does not have safety cables, speak with a professional.
  5. Replace springs at the same time. Even if one spring is broken, the other will break down at some point.

Find a garage door repair company near you

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