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Do You Need A New Garage Door? Here’s How You Can Tell!


The ultimate question of whether you need to replace your garage door is if it will affect your home’s value and safety. Curb appeal is essential whether you want to sell in the next few months or in ten years. Garage doors are a big part of the charm your home, typically taking up to 20 to 30 percent of the façade. Because of this, about 1/3 of your home’s curb appeal is tied up in this feature. Peeled or faded paint, cracks, and dents all devalue your property. Looks are not the only thing that will affect your home’s value either. If your garage door is not working properly or isn’t safe, that will lower the price too.

Signs you need a new garage door

Garage doors are expensive, so you should replace them only when you have to, not whenever the mood strikes. This section will go over some of the signs you should watch out for when determining whether to replace your garage door.

The speed is too fast or too slow

Your garage door isn’t ever going to fly open because the components are too heavy. But, if something is broken, it could shut too fast. You should also watch out for your door opening and closing too slowly. If this is the case, there is likely something wrong with the gears or chains that raise and lower the door. This could mean that a few parts or the entire system need to be replaced.

The door is too noisy

It is normal for your garage door to make noise while it moves up and down. But, if you hear crunching, grinding, squealing, or other sounds that seem out of place, you may need to replace the door. These sounds indicate that there is a functional issue with the operation of the door which could result in severe injuries or property damage.

This feature is an important part of the security of your home. It is also frequently overlooked and taken for granted. If you notice issues with noise or speed, you should get the issue diagnosed quickly because it could leave your house exposed.

Old appearance

Is your door damaged, old, or fading? Appearance isn’t as important as function or operation, but it is still important. A garage door is a big part of the façade of your home, and you should be proud every time you drive up to it. Consider exploring new doors if you would like to change or update the style of your home.

Tips for choosing the right garage door

The right door depends on five factors: climate, budget, materials, security, and style.

First, your climate is the most important factor in choosing your garage door because it must keep out dust, rain, snow, and animals. Does your area have a lot of humidity, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures? All these factors will determine the type of door you should select.

Climate will tell you the type of door you should get whereas your budget will determine which you can actually install. There are numerous types of garage doors, from galvanized steel to designs with windows and even wood. Once you know the kind of door, narrow down your options based on what you can reasonably afford.

You should consider the material your door is made of. You can have doors made out of galvanized steel, corrugated steel, wood, and even plastic. Plastic doors are usually newer designs and won’t rust or bend like steel or warp in humid climates like wood. Plastic doors are also more expensive.

Finally, security and style are also important. Doors with windows are less secure than metal, plastic, or wooden doors with no windows. Think about your neighborhood and consider if you should prioritize security over style. There are many different styles you can choose from ranging from all-steel and wood to plastic with window cut-outs. If you choose a custom door, you can have designs molded or carved to your specifications. You can find garage doors that look like barn doors or those with antique designs. Your budget will need to be considered here.

Garage door repair and installation in Amarillo, Texas

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