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Garage Door Components That Should Always Be Handled By Experts


ll the components in your garage door, from springs to sprockets, have a specific function. When one of those elements quits working correctly, how do you know what you can and can’t fix yourself? It is better to be safe than to injure yourself or put your property at risk. Here are 5 parts of a garage door that should only be repaired by a professional residential garage door technician.

1. Spring Replacement

Standard garage door springs should last around 10,000 cycles (how many times a garage door goes up and down), that is, somewhere between 5 and 10 years. Gradually, the springs will deteriorate,and sooner or later will break. A torsion spring will usually lose 10% to 15% of its original tension per year. You might think that tightening the spring would add tension, but that will cause the spring to break sooner. The breaking of the spring is loud and sounds a bit like a gunshot. Extension springs, on the other hand, wear out by stretching, and once stretched out will not be as effective. This can cause the track to shake.

There is a significant build-up of energy in a garage door spring, an inexperienced handyman may cause considerable property damage and/or injury. Entrusting the job to a skilled service technician will guarantee you are taking the proper measures to ensure your door is in working order.

2. Section Replacement

By far most of the damage to garage door sections or panels is caused by human error or weather. Common causes of this type of damage are backing into the garage door with a car, dents from hail damage or other accidental impacts, rust from inclement weather, etc. Even though accidents happen, your garage door might be repairable.

The sections of your garage door are heavy and under significant tension by the springs. If your garage door is old, replacement components might be challenging to track down and more expensive. Depending on the age and extent of damage, it might be more cost-effective to get a full garage door replacement. A skilled garage door repairman will be able to let you know what option is best for you.

3. Cable Replacement

The individual strands of the cable wire can start to experience wear and tear over time. If one cable stretches it could cause the door to open and close crookedly. It is also possible for the cables to snap. The lifting cables connect the spring system and the bottom of the door. These cables wind around and are held in place by a drum-shaped mechanism. The cables are under high tension, and trying to remove the lifting cable from the bottom of the door might put you in a hazardous spot. Again, it’s strongly suggested this repair be done by a professional trained for the job.

4. Gear Kits Replacement

There are several reasons the gear kit in a garage door might become damaged. The motor gear in a garage door opener is generally made of durable plastic. Cold is especially hard on plastics, making them brittle. Also, if the springs are broken and you continue to open and close the door, this can cause the gear kit to go out.

Some doors weigh little enough to continue working when this happens but will cause much stress on the gears, resulting in damage. If gear kits aren’t replaced in the right way, the entire opener could be damaged, and an inexpensive repair could end up as a new overhead door purchase. This is why you need to call a professional.

5. Circuit Board Replacement

The circuit board is the brain of an overhead door. If your garage door is not working well, the circuit board may be the cause. Usually, a power surge is what causes a garage door’s circuit board to malfunction. Instead of getting an entirely new system, simply replacing the circuit board might improve functionality. Installing a new circuit board warrants intricate attention and detail. If not fixed well, this could turn an inexpensive part into a brand new opener. This is why you should contact a residential garage door.

If any one of these elements of your garage door system isn’t functioning accurately, it’s best to seek professional help. You’ll save money and ensure the longevity of your garage door. Contact us at Integrity Overhead Door at (806) 552-9524 for garage door repairs and all other overhead door related issues.