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How To Properly Lubricate Your Garage Door To Prevent Issues

You may know to keep up with certain aspects of garage door maintenance like spring repair or panel replacement. But, it is also important to make sure that your garage door is properly lubricated. The tracks, hinges, springs, and screws should all be checked regularly. Here are some tips to help you keep up with this maintenance.

Get the right type of lubricant

First, be sure to avoid using WD-40 and grease on any components of your garage door. These products may seem to be helpful, but they actually cause problems. The key is to find the right type of lubricant. Depending on the brand you buy and the size of the container, you can get a great deal on lubricant.

The best type of lubricant is either a lithium grease or a silicone spray. A lithium grease product will form a moisture-reducing barrier and protect against friction. A silicone spray will have these qualities and will also help protect the components of your garage door.

How to lubricate your garage door the right way

Once you have your lubricant, you should know how to use it on your garage door. First, know which parts you have to lubricate. These should all be included in your regular maintenance schedule.

  • Springs: The springs that help lower and lift your garage door should be lubricated regularly. You will most likely have torsion or extension springs. It is important to keep the springs in good shape to increase their lifespan and prevent problems.
  • Hinges: Only the metal hinges of your garage door should be lubricated and only at the pivot points. If you try to lubricate plastic components, you could cause them to degrade.
  • Rollers: These parts also help your garage door move up and down smoothly. If these aren’t lubricated, it will not move properly. With metal rollers, you won’t have to worry about getting lubricant on them. If your roller wheels are made of nylon, make sure lubricant is placed only on the rollers.

Remember to clean the components you will be lubricating before you do this to remove any dust or debris. Also, do not get lubricant on the bearing or tracks, although you can clean them. The final step should be to raise and lower the door at least a few times to evenly spread the lubricant throughout the system.

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