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Misconceptions About Garage Door Repair You Should Know

There are many misconceptions about garage door repair that are typically spread by those who do not understand these systems. It is understandable if you don’t understand how your garage door works. But, believing these misconceptions can actually cause issues if your system needs repairs.

1. Garage door repair is a scam

This simply isn’t true. Like your vehicle or HVAC system, your garage door will need repairs at some point. You do need to research garage door repair companies, just like you would a mechanic or HVAC tech. But, once you find the right one for your needs, working with them will be a great investment.

2. I can do my own repairs because they are easy

Working on your garage door on your own can actually be dangerous. There are some things you can do on your own, like cleaning the tracks or tightening the panel hinges. But, there are repairs that you should definitely leave to the professionals, like broken spring repair.

3. Garage door repair is too expensive

It could be tempting to save money by doing repairs on your own, but it could actually cost you more in the long run. Garage door repairs are not too expensive, especially in relation to the benefits they offer. You can do your own inspections and get annual professional inspections to help stop small issues from becoming larger ones.

4. Repair techs just want to sell me a new garage door

Some garage door repair companies will focus on sales, but professional companies will provide the services you want and need. If you don’t need a new door, they can provide the repairs needed to fix your current one. They should be able to inspect your door and offer a variety of services to choose from.

5. I don’t need to repair or replace both the springs

The springs are some of the most important parts of the entire garage door system. They are what lift and lower the door safely. You may think that if one spring is broken, you only need to replace that one. Doing this can be more affordable, but replacing both springs is often the safest option.

6. Garage doors are supposed to be loud, so mine doesn’t need repair

You may think that your garage door doesn’t need to be repaired just because it is noisy. These systems can be loud depending on the materials used to make them and what condition they are in. If your door is louder than normal, something could be damaged or malfunctioning.

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