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Outdoor Home Renovations that Increase Your Home’s Value


With summer right around the corner, homeowners are sure to be eager for outdoor spaces that are geared toward parties, time with family, or simply enjoying some tranquility. It might be just the right time to freshen up your property’s curb appeal. It is a good idea to have outdoor areas and details that add enjoyment for you and your family but also raise your property’s overall worth. Here are some insights that will help improve home renovation plans economically, while keeping planned objectives in mind.

Plan Ahead

Property renovations are often beneficial, but affordable ones are most ideal. Prepare a financial plan that delineates how much money you have to put toward the improvements, how much will need to be saved, and the final price. It is important to be prepared for any financing required before making any kind of investment toward renovations. If you intend to sell, even in the distant future, it is advantageous to figure out how much value your renovations will add to the worth of your home.

To ascertain the value of your property and gauge the effect your renovations will have on your overall investment, use a tool like a home value estimator. This data will allow you to make more profitable changes in the case you sell your home in the future. You can start the design and development after you’ve set up a financial plan.

Come Up With a Design

Personal style can be achieved with several different outdoor design components. For instance, landscaping is a major player in the complete look and feel of your property. Whether you want a refined or natural look, you can use lush greenery and colorful annual and perennial flowers. Components like mulch, pavers, and stones, can add to the design that most suits your home.

One very important part of your exterior is your garage door, especially if it is the first thing people see when they visit your property. The garage door can be a crucial centerpiece on the exterior of your home. Choosing a garage door that genuinely compliments the rest of the home can strongly affect the look and feel of the house. Whether it be a rustic feel or a modern aesthetic, a garage door can change the style of your home drastically. Aso changes to this part of your home typically rate high on return on investment for home improvements.

Color is Key

Color plays a role in the overall mood of outdoor spaces and makes a huge difference in the exterior design of your home. Choose a color palette that works with the function and purpose of the design elements, such as your garage door, patio, or front porch. Neutrals, blues, and greens will give your space a more relaxed and earthy look. To achieve fun and excitement in your outdoor areas, think about using warm colors like red, orange, and yellow when choosing accent items.

Do not avoid bright and bold accents; your outdoor areas are the perfect places to get innovative with color. Pinterest and HGTV are helpful places to look for inspiration. Use stronger colors in small pieces like planters, pillows, flowers, and cushions for a more sophisticated look. For a more daring look, choose bold colors in bigger items like garage doors and furniture pieces.

Make an Outdoor Living Space

An up-to-date trend that a lot of homeowners believe is giving their exterior spaces a fresh update is bringing interior components outside. One way to bring indoor spaces out is to build a deck or porch that wraps around the entire home. This will create a comfortable outdoor living area  to unwind with a nice drink and a read good book in.  To bring a kitchen outdoors, construct a patio area in your backyard equipped for outdoor picnics and grilling. Be sure to research a contractor that will implement these renovations in a way that feels natural and belongs within the design of your current property. For a more economical modification, use pavers, sun shades, and fashionable patio accessories to produce a DIY patio.

Your family’s hobbies can be reflected in your outdoor areas as well.  Building an outdoor kitchen is a perfect update for anyone who loves to grill and cook. For the active, sporty family, designate a location in your yard for exercise and activities. This could even include the addition of a pool.  A practical workspace can be established in a garage or patio area too.

Garages are flexible areas that are oftentimes misused. Install a screen door that fits the garage door structure to make it into an outdoor living area perfect for gatherings with family and friends. This area could also be used as a workspace to deal with the projects that have been avoided. Remodeling part of your property that just needs sprucing up is an affordable way to increase the value of your home. Investing in new accessories for the outdoor areas of your property will also deliver value to your home’s overall worth, as long as they work with the budget plan.

Examine all your options, as they have the potential to make a big impact, whether a few simple upgrades are made to your home, or updating is done to curb appeal in order to sell. Replacing the garage door is one of the best improvements for increasing the value of your home. Visit us to find out more about updating your home with a new garage door.