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What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Garage Doors?


If you are looking for a new commercial garage door, you may be wondering what types are available. There are many factors to consider including what you are using the door for, how often it will be used, and if safety features are needed. The following can help you choose a new commercial garage door for your business.

Overhead doors

This type of commercial garage door is one of the most popular. It takes its name from the horizontal position on the ceiling after it has been lifted along a track or rail. Overhead doors are typically made with metal, wood, and even glass that is placed into sections. These are secure, durable, and quick to open and can be operated manually or with a motor.

Roll-up doors

This type of commercial garage door rolls up into a single coil. The slats are thinner than those on overhead doors, which allows for more flexibility. If you don’t have a lot of space for rails, this type of garage door is ideal.

Fire rated safety doors

This type of door works in much the same way as a roll-up door. It is operated manually or with a motor as well but provides more protection than other garage doors. Fire rated doors are made with high-quality steel that is fire-resistant and offers noise reduction and great insulation. If you need a convenient and safe door for your business, this may be the best option for you.

Scissor gate doors

These open differently than any other garage door type by moving from side to side like a sliding door. Like other doors, they lock when closed. These are best placed in entryways but can be used as reinforcement for other types of commercial garage doors.

What to keep in mind when choosing your garage door

Besides the use of each type of door and how often you will use it, there are a few things to keep in mind. Accessibility, versatility, performance, speed, maintenance needs, and even looks are all important when looking for a commercial garage door. Also, you need to ask about security features and any extras that are available.

Finding the right commercial garage door company is vital when choosing the best door for your business. Do some research on local companies before making any calls. Look for reviews, ratings, and any social media or websites. Be sure to look out for fraudulent companies as well.

Do you need a commercial garage door for your business?

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