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What To Do After You’ve Hit Your Garage Door

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You had a bad start to your day and your kids just won’t listen. You’ve already lost your keys twice, and now you’re late to work. Then, all of a sudden you’ve run into your garage door. Don’t panic! We are going to give you some advice on the steps you should take once this has happened.

Assess The Damage

First things first, make sure you and anyone else is okay. Then you can take a look around and get an idea of what is going on. Are the rollers still on their tracks? Are the lifting cables still aligned? Once you have figured out what the damages are, you can take the next steps.

Do You Have Insurance?

Do you have car and home insurance? Both can be helpful when you are trying to figure out repairs. Car insurance won’t cover the garage door and your home insurance won’t cover the damages to your car. Figure out the deductibles, and based on that, you can get started on how to proceed with the costs. 

How Much Will This Cost?

Depending on the damages, you may just need some repairs or you may need to buy a completely new garage door. The cost of the door is going to depend on the size. Labor is going to be your biggest cost when it comes to any repairs/replacements. Make sure you hire a team that you trust and who has reputable references. If you have an older model door, chances are it will cost more to just repair it than it would be to just get a new door. 

How To Prevent This Kind Of Accident

We know life gets crazy sometimes. When getting ready to leave your garage, it is always the best idea to use the most caution possible. First, make sure you are focused on what you are currently doing. Next, make sure that there is nothing surrounding you and that you have a clear line of view from yourself to the garage door. Finally, make sure that your garage door is completely open when trying to park inside or move out of the garage. We know this seems a little obvious, but with the craziness of life, it is always a good reminder. 

Looking To Have Your Garage Door Repaired Or Replaced?

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