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Why Is My Garage Door Opening On Its Own?

If your garage door moves up and down on its own, it can be worrisome. This issue is sometimes called phantom operation. Fortunately, it is usually simple to both diagnose and fix your garage door when this happens.

Common causes of phantom operation

The most common cause of your garage door opening on its own is an electrical short in the system. The issue could be in the circuit board, the wall button, the wired keypad, and the remote. Defective or dirty parts, shorts in wiring, interference from radio frequencies, and even remote batteries that are out of power can also cause this problem.

One issue that could be causing the garage to open by itself is a neighbor’s garage door remote. Openers that are over twenty years old could be activated if their system is just as old. These days, the codes used to open the door are called “rolling codes.” There are over 100 million possible combinations, which means you are not likely to have your door opened by a neighbor with a newer system.

Ways to troubleshoot your garage door system

There are many ways you can test your garage door system to find the cause of it opening on its own. These are actually quite simple, although it is best to leave testing up to a professional.

  1. Check the wiring. Start with the wiring between the wall button and opener unit. Next, check the wiring between the motor unit and the safety sensors. Keep an eye out for damaged insulation, a sharp object that could have broken wires, or dangling wires.
  2. Look at the circuit board. This is an area that you do not want to work on yourself. If something seems odd or wrong when you look at the board, call a local garage door repair company.
  3. Reset the codes. If you have an older garage door system, it can help to reset the codes. Unplug the remote control component on the unit and plug it back in. If this doesn’t work, try switching the breaker off and back on.
  4. See if there has been an electrical surge. Windstorms and thunderstorms can cause power surges throughout your home, which can result in malfunctions in electrical systems. You may see damage to wires and circuits if one has happened in your area.

Garage door repair services in Amarillo, Texas

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